Our Church Renovation
In the spring of 2006, the session approved a $120,000 renovation project that included a new entrance, a new handicap access ramp, and renovations to the narthex and one bathroom (to make it fully handicap access).  Work began in the late summer and the whole project was completed by the last week in November.  The renovation included much needed repairs and changes, and it has been a huge success.  The narthex, in particular, has been transformed from a rather dark, closed space with an eight foot ceiling to one that is open, light and airy, and has a vaulted roof that peaks at fifteen feet.  The narthex has become a space that welcomes worshippers into the sanctuary.  Another great change has been to put the church's front entrance back in the actual front of the church.  Since 1960, the front doors of the church were hidden behind a brick facade and could not be seen from the street.  This arrangement made the church almost "invisible" to those going by. This renovation project is important to our church in two ways.  First, it has given all of our members a greater appreciation for what our church building can be: a beautiful space that declares our faith in Christ.  Second, the narthex now physically symbolizes important themes for our future.  We must be a church that looks "up" to God just as those who enter the narthex now tend to look up at the ceiling.  We must be a church that looks out into our community just as our new doors and windows open the community to us and us to it.  We must be a church that looks to the future and plans and prays for other changes in the whole life of the congregation.

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The front of the church:
Since the 1960s

Dedication Sunday, January 7, 2007. (Click photo to enlarge.)

Broady Cook and Bruce Dryer
cutting ribbon

Sunday, December 3, 2006. (Click photo to enlarge.)

Front of church

Narthex facing window

Front door

Narthex facing front window/door

Work in progress Friday, November 17, 2006. (Click photo to enlarge.)

Front of church

Church back entrance

Back of church

Narthex facing door/window

Work in progress Monday, October 9, 2006. (Click photo to enlarge.)

Front of church

New roof in back

Narthex facing front window

Church back entrance

Narthex facing door

Narthex facing front window

Work in progress Sunday, September 17, 2006. (Click photo to enlarge.)

Front of church facing northeast

Narthex facing front window (far side) and door (behind plywood)

Narthex facing coat room (behind doors) and front window

Front of church facing northwest

Narthex facing Fellowship Hall

Narthex facing the sanctuary