Brunch With Miss Emily
Saturday, August 4, 2012

Miss Emily and her grand daughter, "Little Miss Emily"

The Holly Presbyterian Church was delighted to welcome Miss Emily and her grand daughter, "Little Miss Emily," to a brunch held in the Fellowship Hall. Miss Emily -- played by Cindy Powell, who is Rev. Dr. Sharlyn Gate's sister -- grew up in the Depression, which created some struggles in her life. But with the love and encouragement from her family, friends and her little dog, Tiny, she made it through those lean, mean years.

Miss Emily's show biz career started when she was a young girl and became popular for telling family stories and anecdotes and making fun of all the ups and downs in her life. Miss Emily had much advice about love, family and the battle of the bulge. She has never been married and tells her audiences that, "even when she dies, she is going to have all women pallbearers because if men didn't take her out when she was alive, they're not gonna take her out when she's dead!"

Miss Emily can make you laugh your chahawkas off!

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Gordie Bradshaw