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“Back to School” Supplies
For Students at Holly Area Schools

The Holly Presbyterian Church once again sponsoring a drive during the
mid-July/early-August time period to gather school supplies
to help Holly Area Schools’ students during the 2022/2023 school year

All of the supplies were blessed by Rev. Pickrell during the Sunday, August 14, Worship Service
and were turned over to the school administrators the following week for distribution
to students that might otherwise not have had the tools they need.
Examples of the school supplies gathered include:

Crayola Markers (board and fine tip)
Dry Eraser Markers
Erasers – pencils top
Plastic Duo Tang Folder with two pockets
Highlighters – all colors
Lose leaf notebook paper


Mechanical pencil
Pencil sharpener (handheld that holds shavings)
Scissors – children size
Sharpie Markers
Watercolor paint set
Glue Sticks

Click on photo to enlarge.

Photographer: Donna DeNise